Acupuncture, AcuNeedling, & Massage

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Acupuncture, AcuNeedling, & Massage

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in 2016, 66% of fatalities due to drug overdose were caused by prescription opioids.

Physicians are moving towards alternative, non-pharmacologic ways to manage a patient’s pain, rather than relying on these highly addictive prescription drugs.

Alternative therapies proving effective for chronic muscle pain are treatments such as acupuncture, dry needling, and massage.

These best for alleviating discomfort due to a common muscular pain condition known as myofascial pain. Myofascial pain is a chronic muscle pain syndrome characterized by areas of hyperirritable and painful muscle fibers. It commonly affects the neck and back, but can affect all muscular body parts.

Dry needling is typically performed by a physical therapist inserting a very thin needle into the affected muscle tissue, at strategic painful “trigger points” under the skin, while acupuncture is performed by either a certified acupuncturist or a physician. The act of inserting the needle can reduce the muscle pain by various mechanisms: reducing muscle tightness, increasing blood flow, and reducing the levels of neurotransmitters which increase pain.

Dry needling should not be confused with acupuncture, which is ancient Eastern medicine. Dry needling is a more modern form of Western medicine often coupled with a coordinating physical therapy or rehabilitation program.

Skin Science Soul offers acupuncture, dry needling, and massage for myofascial pain at our Austin,Texas location and at Serenity Medical Centers in San Antonio.

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