Skin Science Soul by Dr. Sholar


When you sign up for a membership with us, we’ll create a customized 12-month treatment plan that’s designed to treat your skincare concerns and needs.

PrettySmart Beauty membership

save thousands on the best medical treatments available.

What Are the Perks of the PrettySmart Beauty membership?

  • Members always receive our best pricing and offers year-round. You don’t need to wait for a special!
  • Members receive Botox for $11 per unit vs. $13 for non-members
  • Members receive $50 off your first subscription payment for signing up
  • Members receive a FREE SkinRx Demalab Skin Analysis (a $150 value!)
  • Members receive $50 off each 1cc syringe of filler
  • Members receive a complimentary Skin Rx every year ($150 value!)
  • Members receive a monthly subscription box– our PrettySmart Beauty Box
  • Your personalized treatment plan can be modified to suit your changing needs
  • Predictable monthly payments make it easy to budget
  • Reminders and a free smartphone app help you keep up with when you are due for your treatments
  • Brilliant Distinctions & Gift Cards can be automatically applied to your account

How Do You Split Up Payments?

  • The program will divide the cost of your treatment plan into easy monthly payments
  • Each treatment will be paid for by the time you are due
  • Example: Your provider recommends Botox totaling $300 every three months. The membership divides $300 over three months ($100/month). This cycle will continue to repeat unless your treatment plan is modified or cancelled.

How Do I Sign Up for the PrettySmart Beauty Subscription?

  • Dr Sholar will create a personalized treatment plan for you
  • Sign up on the day of your treatment and start receiving the benefits
  • There is no fee to join and no hidden fees

How Will I Be Charged?

  • Your first payment will be charged the date of sign up (when you receive your first treatment)
  • Your card on file will automatically be charged each month for the same amount unless you modify your membership. In the example above, you will pay $100/month every month for your Botox
  • If you are unable to come in as recommended, any amount charged to your card will be sitting as a credit on your account waiting for you to use at any time.

Feel free to contact our office for more information: 512-646-2744