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When we focus on identifying each person’s unique lifestyle and beauty needs and take a scientific approach to learning about each woman’s skin physiology, we promote healthy, beautiful skin naturally.

Soul is what makes us unique

Our Skin Services

We focus on bringing beauty from the inside out. Dr. Sholar aims to create beautiful and natural enhancements in cosmetic aesthetic surgery and advanced techniques in non-invasive injectable treatments.

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Custom Facial

The key to looking radiant and youthful is maintaining your natural beauty by taking care of your skin. We offer a number of skin treatments

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SkinWave HydroFacial

Skinwave is a brand-new hydro-facial skin wellness treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and truly awakens your skin’s natural beauty. This multidimensional treatment includes a luxurious

Lunchtime Laser Facial

The Lunchtime Laser Facial is an express laser treatment + 30-min speedy facial to make one powerful, quick, and proven way to see a clearer,

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Introducing AquaGold Fine Touch, a patented gold-plated fine needle system to painlessly deliver custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth. • Shrink

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So what is LED light therapy? Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are used to brighten the appearance of a patient’s smile – sometimes by as many as 5 to 10 shades in a

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Facial Experience Add-Ons

Facials are the foundational, yet divine, treatment upon which every other treatment is built. We will enliven your skin with our custom facials and our

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Laser Genesis

For Wrinkles, Rosacea, Diffuse redness, Stretch marks, Scars, and Keloids. How Does Laser Genesis work? By stimulating collagen regrowth Laser Genesis effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines

CoolPeel Laser

For resurfacing lines, wrinkles, brown spots and imperfections. Dr. Sholar and her team at Skin Science Soul are amongst the first to offer CoolPeel laser treatments!

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VirtueRF Microneedling

For skin laxity, fine lines, texture, and collagen loss. Dr. Sholar is honored to be one of the first practices in the country to be

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Subnovii PlasmaPen

For erasing lines, lifting eyelids, and more. Dr. Sholar is proud to offer Subnovii, a non-invasive treatment delivering surgical precision and results. The Subnovii Plasma

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LimeLight IPL PhotoFacial

For sun spots, diffuse redness and rosacea. Virtually any part of your face, neck, chest or body that has uneven skin tone, diffuse redness, Rosacea,

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Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Smooth Wrinkles, Scars, and Improve Skin Texture with Laser Technology. Benefits: Smooths Skin Eliminates Acne Scars & Imperfections Treats Hyperpigmentation & Sun Spots Lasting Results

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Benefits: Lifts Skin Without Surgery Ultrasound Imaging For Precision Targeting Safe For All Skin Types Effective For Chest As Well As Neck Book A Free

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To improve texture and clarity of your skin. A new generation of Peels! The VI Peel is an amazing skin rejuvenation treatment that Hollywood stars like

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Facial Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments

Facial platelet rich plasma treatments are non-surgical face lifts capable of smoothing wrinkles, evening skin tone, and tightening facial tissues. These treatments involve injecting platelet

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Resurface & Refine

Smoother and brighter complexion, and irresistibly touchable skin. So many people have some sort of skin condition or complexion issue that they would like to

In-office Surgery

A growing number of plastic surgery procedures are now performed in-office under local anesthetic. Dr. Sholar provides a wide range of in-office procedures, all performed

SkinRx Analysis

SkinRx & DNA Discoveries make creating your bespoke plan as easy as 1-2-3! How many of you have stood in front of the beauty counter

PICO Melasma Treatment

Brown Spots and Melasma Removal with Discovery PICO Laser As the latest innovation from Cartessa’s Quanta System, the Discover Pico laser system targets even the deepest pigments,

Exosome Treatments

Your Destination for AnteAge MDX Exosome Treatments Introducing AnteAge MDX Exosome Treatments AnteAge MDX Exosome Treatments represent a cutting-edge approach to skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

MoveoGLO Treatment

Introducing MoveoGLO Treatment MOTUS MoveoGLO Skin Treatment represents unprecedented laser technology for safe, effective, comfortable and comprehensive skin rejuvenation. This innovative treatment combines the benefits


What is UltraClear®? UltraClear® is the first disruptor in laser resurfacing in decades. Utilizing the latest advancements in fiber laser technology, UltraClear delivers fractionated ablative

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Alina Sholar curated Skin Science Soul Medical Aesthetics to reflect a philosophy- beauty with scientific substance and art from the soul. We see YOU, not just skin. We know that when you look good, you feel good and do good. We are the medicine of being beautiful and living well!