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When we focus on identifying each person’s unique lifestyle and beauty needs and take a scientific approach to learning about each woman’s skin physiology, we promote healthy, beautiful skin naturally.

Soul is what makes us unique

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We focus on bringing beauty from the inside out. Dr. Sholar aims to create beautiful and natural enhancements in cosmetic aesthetic surgery and advanced techniques in non-invasive injectable treatments.

Wait, Face Wash Causes Pimples?

Fact: The best acne face wash is almost always not labeled as an acne face wash and acne face washes can actually cause acne.What, you say?

Summertime SPF Made Easy

At least in TX, summer is here! And while you should use SPF every day of the year, it’s even more important during summertime – when the

How To Be Your Own Valentine

Single, in a relationship, it’s complicated? Who cares. I say, treat yourself. Valentine’s Day gets a lot of hate — it’s a made up holiday,