When In Doubt, Give A GiftCard!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, Skin Science Soul has tons of gift ideas to inspire you. Give the gift of beautiful skin and a healthy body, not to mention a little relaxing getaway time. This holiday season, give a gift of rejuvenation with a transformative experience at our medical aesthetics clinic. Women who receive Skin Science Soul gift cards as gifts know that the time they spend on themselves is all about rebuilding their energy and improving their confidence, and these gift cards make it super-easy for them to treat themselves.

SpaGloss Sample Cards

SpaGloss Cards are this season’s gem!  When you purchase a SpaGloss Card for your loved one, she’ll get  a sampling of so many of our amazing services so she can try out them all. Included in the card are six visits with a choice of treatments for each. For instance, if she has always wanted laser hair removal but may be a bit hesitant because she doesn’t know what the experience may be like, she will get one session to alleviate any fears. Additionally, the card offers upgrade treatments at a deep discount. In all, the card value is more than $1500, but you only pay $250 for this luxe beauty experience.

PrettySmart GiftCards

And whenever in doubt… give them a PrettySmart GiftCard! A special gift card for Skin Science Soul can be the easiest, smartest gift to give. A gift card allows them to be able to use the gift whenever the time seems right in their busy schedule — without worry. The freedom of a gift card is meant to offer the receiver special pampering to be used whenever, and however, they choose. This freedom of choice often makes it one of their most cherished gifts under the tree. Women who receive Skin Science Soul treatment gift cards as gifts know that the time that they spend on themselves is all about rebuilding their energy and improving their confidence. So give your special woman the gift that keeps on giving — and get something special for yourself too!

Buying a gift like these is filled with love, comfort and joy for this holiday season. Remember that gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful. Spend a moment thinking about what you’d like to tell your loved one, and let the gift say it for you.

These items and more are available for purchase in our Holiday Shop.