What is UltraClear®?

UltraClear® is the first disruptor in laser resurfacing in decades. Utilizing the latest advancements in fiber laser technology, UltraClear delivers fractionated ablative sub-pulses for optimal skin rejuvenation. Addressing facial aging concerns such as sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and acne scars, UltraClear creates microchannels triggering natural exfoliation and stimulating collagen without excessive bulk heating.

The result?

Quicker, more comfortable, precise treatments with increased safety for skin of color. Treatments are quick: average of 10 – 15 minutes Little to no discomfort: No numbing cream required: most patients have the treatment done with no topical anesthetics Little to no downtime: typically, 1-3 days. Sometimes peeling can take up to a week for full face treatments. Quicker healing + dramatic results: superior engineering = small microchannels that close and heal more quickly – allowing you to get back to your normal daily routine.

What is 3DMIRACL™?

3DMIRACL™ is a treatment performed with the UltraClear® device. Treating very superficially in the uppermost layer of skin. This treatment is fast, comfortable and triggers natural exfoliation that typically occurs 2-3 days post procedure. Normally done in a series of 3-6 treatments, patient typically experience noticeable change after a single treatment.

Am I a 3DMIRACL™ Candidate?

UltraClear® is an incredibly versatile skin solution for virtually everyone. Anyone looking to rejuvenate skin, address sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles scars or remodel collagen UltraClear is right for you. FDA-cleared for all skin types, UltraClear offers safe skin solutions for skin of color. Consult with your provider, review health history, and confirm treatment goals.

How much does a 3DMIRACL™ treatment cost?

NOTE: We don’t recommend adding pricing to your website. Encourage patients to call for a personalized consultation.

Costs vary depending on your treatment goals and recommended treatment plan. During your consultation, a personalized plan will be created. Contact our office to schedule your UltraClear® Consultation today.

3DMIRACL treatments typically are anywhere from $700 – $1,000 / treatment. Typically, physicians recommend a series of 3-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks.

How many UltraClear® Treatments will I need?

Depending on your goals, we may recommend a series of 3DMIRACL treatments— a great “gym membership” for the skin OR a combination approach utilizing multiple UltraClear modes to address deeper lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Nothing is “one-and-done”, but since UltraClear offers a better laser experience for patients, it is an easy skin solution to incorporate into your skin care plan.

How much does a UltraClear® treatment cost?

Costs vary depending on your treatment goals and recommended treatment plan. During your consultation, a personalized plan will be created. Contact our office to schedule your UltraClear consultation today.

Treatment Preparation + Treatment Day

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What do I need to do to prep my skin?

It is recommended to stay out of the sun 3-4 weeks pre and post treatment. Treating tanned skin with a laser is never recommended and can result in unexpected side effects. Your provider may also recommend stopping use of exfoliating products 1 week prior to treatment to ensure your skin is not overly sensitive. Hydrate and keep your skin protected with SPF 30+ daily.

How long will my UltraClear® treatment take?

With no numbing cream (topical anesthetic) required, your 3DMIRACL™ Treatment with UltraClear should take an average of 10-15 minutes. It truly can be done over a lunch break.

What will my skin feel like after my UltraClear® treatment?

It is normal for patients’ skin response post treatment to vary greatly. Some patients feel nothing except a slight warm feeling. Some patients report more of an intense “sunburn sensation”. Either way, this tingly heat resolves relatively quickly, typically 15 mins to a few hours. A zimmer chiller, fan or cool packs can be used to cool the skin post treatment.

How much downtime can I expect?

Everyone’s definition of downtime is different.


Because the treatment is so superficial in the uppermost layer of skin, there is no dermal exposure. Medically we would say there is no downtime, however your face may appear red, slightly swollen, and warm / spicy for up to a few hours post procedure.

UltraClear® Customized Treatment

Using deeper modes in areas where fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars are present does mean your dermis may be exposed. This means 2-3 days of social downtime may be required. We recommend using Biogel as a barrier cream for a few days to protect your skin as it heals. There may be slight swelling or pinpoint bleeding in areas that are treated more deeply, but compared to other resurfacing devices, the downtime is very minimal.

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