Why I Don’t Want a “New Me” For the New Year

We did it. We made it to 2021. 

Now, I’ve been trying to start the year off right and get myself to write my New Year’s blog, and I keep seeing all the “New Year, New Me” posts, but I am just not feeling it. Come to think of it, though, that has never really been my mantra. I like me. It took a lot of guts and resilience and work to get here, and I like where I am headed. So, I’m not much on the resolutions and turning into a whole new person kind of thing. 

2020 didn’t scare me and it sure didn’t rob me of blessings and growth, So, when I hear this phrase get pushed on us at the start of every new year as people vow to start fresh and become new people, I get a little irked. Admittedly, we even use it in our own marketing. It’s a philosophy many may choose to adopt and live by, but “New Me” implies letting go of who we truly are and that who we are is not good enough for the world, and we must become new people instead. This simply isn’t the case and can be damaging to your sense of self-worth and sense of identity. So, I’m ready to redefine “New Me”. Let’s start there.

As an ambitious goal-oriented gal, I’m on a different beat. Sure we all made some mistakes in 2020 we wish we could take back. And there is always room for improvement on just about all aspects of ourselves, but that doesn’t happen by letting go of the person you truly are. The fact of the matter is we just need to embrace who we are, and identify and use our strengths. Reflect on your best qualities and think of ways you can use them to do good in the world. Then find areas of your life that you think need improvement and put in the work to grow.

We need to learn to love ourselves again.

As humans, many of us live in a constant state of self-consciousness—meaning that we are always looking for the things that are “wrong” with us and focusing on our flaws. It’s so hard to be happy and find fulfillment in this state of mind. We need to learn to love who we are in our humanness and do the things that encourage our journey to self-acceptance.

Make yourself a priority in 2021 by setting aside quality time to do the things that bring you joy and make you feel good about yourself. Budget time and money to make your health and your appearance a priority. (PS: your skin IS your appearance. Healthy skin should be a priority!) Allow time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are—and don’t be too hard on yourself when you face challenges along the way. We are all a work-in-progress, so love your imperfect self, and embrace the person you are! 

Making New Year resolutions is fun and all, but following through with them is a whole different story. Why make a list of silly things when you are never going to do them? Instead let’s start making personal and professional goals that are more realistic, measurable, timely, and attainable. Start with your goals list, then break each one down into bite-size and specific pieces. Next, write down your plan of how you are going to forge the path to achieving it.  Making realistic goals will make you feel fabulous at the end of the year when you can cross every single one of them off that list! New Year is a fresh start, but it does not fundamentally change us. However, you can use it as a jump-off point leading to milestones that enrich your life and others’… a “Rejuvenated Me”, full of energy and love and possibilities. And don’t forget to take care of yourself.  How you present yourself to the world has a bearing on how you feel about yourself and vice versa. Rather than starting over with a new you, building upon your experience and utilizing your strengths to their utmost extent and looking the part will bolster your self-esteem and catapult you into the woman you want to become! This is your year- go get it!

Cheers to a fabulous 2021!