RHA Designer Fillers

RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) fillers are the latest innovation in dermal filler technology designed to address dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. Unlike traditional fillers, RHA

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Daxxify: the Only Peptide-Powered Neurotoxin Treatment Daxxify is a groundbreaking approach to facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. Combining the power of advanced peptides with neurotoxin

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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe reconstruction can repair split, ripped, stretched or unusually large or long earlobes. Injury to the earlobe can result from having heavy earrings, acute trauma,

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Nose Reshaping

As the central feature of your face, your nose is a focal point for the overall balance and proportion of your appearance. When there is

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Kybella Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable medication that destroys fat cells beneath the chin, or “submental fat.” This prescription injectable medicine shrinks a double chin

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Cheeks, Chin & Jawline

Whether you are looking to erase wrinkles, restore youthful fullness or to contour and refine your profile, fillers are a nonsurgical enhancement that meets the

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Lips, Lines & Folds

Whether you are looking to erase wrinkles, restore youthful fullness or plump up your pout, fillers are a nonsurgical enhancement that meets the goals of

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In-office Surgery

A growing number of plastic surgery procedures are now performed in-office under local anesthetic. Dr. Sholar provides a wide range of in-office procedures, all performed

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woman receiving hair restoration treatment

Hair Restoration

Millions of men and women across the U.S. suffer from hair thinning or hair loss issues. Technically referred to as alopecia, hair loss can result

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woman touching lip

Lip Shortening

The upper lip lift, also known as lip shortening, is an incredibly elegant and subtle procedure. Most of our patients visit our practice to discuss

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woman with eyelids closed


An eyelid surgery – also known as a blepharoplasty – is a procedure used to rejuvenate the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. Age

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woman with her eyes closed, touching cheek

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are substances injected beneath the skin to help smooth fine lines and boost facial volume. Also known as dermal fillers, these injections are

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